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Hot takes on the weekly Torah portion from Goucher students and Hillel staff. If you're a member of the Goucher community and want to join in for an upcoming episode, email hillel@goucher.edu to share your interest!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ki Tissa (3/4/21)

    In this week's Torah portion, we finally get to the cataclysmic moment of the golden calf and Moses' and God's reactions to it.  We talk about anger and forgiveness, and how we as humans can relate to all the characters in the story.  This week's special guest is Rachel Plotkin, ...


  2. Tetzaveh (2/25/21)

    This week's portion focuses on the Eternal Light (ner tamid) and the daily sacrifice.  We examine the notion of animal sacrifice, and what meaning we can find in these rituals today.  Today's Guest: Board Member Bruce Winters P '20. The textsheet can be found here. ...


  3. Terumah (2/18/21)

    In Terumah, we begin talking about the tabernacle in the desert and wonder - where did the materials come from?  Why so specific?  What's a cherub?  And what makes space sacred anyway?  To access the textsheet, click here. ...


  4. Mishpatim (2/11/21)

    Goucher students and Hillel staff offer hot takes on the weekly Torah portion.  Join us this week for takes on some of the civil laws that talk about the status of women and property in Biblical society.  Textsheet can be found here. ...