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Hot takes on the weekly Torah portion from Goucher students and Hillel staff. If you're a member of the Goucher community and want to join in for an upcoming episode, email hillel@goucher.edu to share your interest!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Shemini (4/9/21)

    We jump into some heavy stuff with the sudden death of Aaron's sons, and then try and figure out what makes an animal kosher!  Textsheet is here.  Picture of a daman here. ...


  2. (4/1/21) Passover Edition - Crossing the Sea and Song of Songs

    We take a week away from Leviticus to go back to the Red Sea in honor of this week's Torah portion.  What does that story tell us?  How do we feel about the warlike portrayal of God in the story?  Then we check out some biblical love poetry!  Textsheet can ...


  3. Tzav (3/25/21)

    What's the best way to say thank you?  Can someone else convey gratitude for you?  We take on these questions, along with more sacrifices and priestly garments this week.  Source sheet can be found here. ...


  4. Vayikra (3/18/21)

    We tackle animal sacrifices in this intro to the book of Leviticus.  Why did our ancestors get so into them? How do we feel about it?  And does God have something against cows?  Check out the text sheet here. ...


  5. Vayakhel-Pekudei (3/11/21)

    This week's episode is on Vayakhel-Pekudei, and covers the making and dedication of the tabernacle.  The textsheet can be found here. In honor of International Women's Day this past Monday, we focus in on the role of women in the narrative.  This week's episode is dedicated in memory of ...